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Anti Glare LED Lights

Anti Glare LED Lights


Ultra Thin Anti Glare LED Lights 30 x 30cm Embeded Mounting For Bathroom

Ultra Thin 30x30cm Anti Glare LED Lights 18watt Flat Panel Light 4000K Embeded Mounting in Bathroom TUV Anti-glare, UGR Read More
2018-04-23 09:20:27

Warm White Anti Glare LED Lights Recessed Mounting Aluminum Structure For Retrofit

Super Thin Anti Glare LED Lights 30x30cm 15watt Warm White Recessed Mounting Aluminum Structure for Retrofit Within an office setting, for the luminaire to be classified as “low glare” it must have a UGR below ... Read More
2018-04-26 10:26:47

Flicker FreeAnti Glare LED Lights 6000K 72w Cool White Energy Saving For Offices

Flicker free Anti Glare LED Lights 60x120cm 72watt Panel Light 6000K Cool White Energy Saving Retrofit for Offices TUV Anti-glare, UGR Read More
2018-04-24 09:36:42

Anti Glare 60w Led Panel Light , Office Ceiling Light Panels Stable Structure

60watt Anti Glare LED Lights 60x120cm Flat LED Panel 4000K Inlay Mounting Stable Structure no deforming TUV There are a number of different UGR limits that should not be exceeded in certain environments, these ... Read More
2018-04-24 09:37:04

Working Place Led Suspended Ceiling Lights , 6000K 2x4 Custom Led Panels

Uniform Anti Glare LED Lights 60x120cm 54watt 2x4 Panel LED Light 6000K Suspension Mounting for Working Places LED Driver How to choose a driver? ---make sure that the required load is constant current mode or ... Read More
2018-04-24 09:37:24

High Efficiency Flat Anti Glare LED Lights 4 Side Lighting For Hospital

High Efficiency LED Flat Panel 60x120cm Anti Glare LED Lights 50watt 4000K In-ceiling Mounting for Hospital There are two methods to reduce the glare that is present in relation to interior lighting: firstly, ... Read More
2018-04-24 09:37:42

Daylight White 48w Anti Glare LED Lights 60 x 120cm For Hotel CE Certification

China Suppliers Anti Glare LED Lights 60x120cm 48w Daylight White for Hotel Retrofit TUV Certified Frame Assembling Workshop Aluminum cutting machine – total 4.6 m length ( 2 sets ), Capacity: 7,000 PCS/Day ... Read More
2018-04-24 09:38:01

Dimmable Wall Mounted Led Light Panel , Anti Glare Drop Ceiling Light Panels

China Manufactory Panel Light 40watt Anti Glare LED Lights 60x120cm Cable Hanging Rectangular for Schools LED packaging, we are subsidiary of Kinglight –Top 3 LED package manufacturer in China, equipped with ... Read More
2018-04-24 09:38:21

Constant Current Light Fixture Panels 4000K In Ceiling Mounting For Offices

Good Quality Anti Glare LED Lights 60x120cm 30watt UGR Read More
2018-04-24 09:38:38
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